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Incident Reports


All of our guards use our management system which they use to complete and immediately submit reports. They can report on specific incidents and activities. Our management reporting system is matched by its easy to customize interface. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature allows you to build reports on a virtual Smartphone. You are able to see exactly what the guard sees when accessing reports from the field. Incident reports can even include pictures, signatures, notes, and more.

Our management system’s reporting is designed specifically to satisfy each client’s needs. The system creates, customizes incident reports. You are able to download reports instantly from the dashboard. The software is also designed to facilitate your management of daily functions. It provides managers and clients a real time view into their security operations. Essentially, the software is implemented to improve your operational efficiency and provide a solution to all your challenges.

Each incident report shall include but not be limited to, any types of theft, client or resident complaint, any types of parking issues and or violations, etc. The client shall receive these reports at the moment they are created.


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