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24/7 GPS Tracking


At Paramount Security, we use a comprehensive GPS security guard tracking system with rich documentation. The real-time reporting feature of our GPS-verified tracking system provides up-to-the-minute information regarding the location of each security guard on duty. This is useful in ensuring that security guards are patrolling all parts of the properties to which they are assigned.

While monitoring your guard’s activity, you may place the curser on the spot indicating where your guard is located and it will show the exact location and the action performed as well as a link to any data captured at the time. You may access the history and revisit disputes or claims pertaining to each guard. You may also access at any time, all reports making it easy to find documentation.

This software is programed to search specific dates and times for your convenience in the event that you would need to go back to an earlier date. This feature is vital for customer quality control and is effective in a guard tracking system. It provides an aerial view of your entire security guard operation as well as rich documentation of all activity.


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